Fabi Santiago - Childrens book author, illustrator and artist ✎♥︎

Hello, hello!

I am an author and illustrator of children's books and I'm happiest drawing and telling stories. Screen-printing is my media of choice and I'm forever in love with it. I work by hand and like it that my illustrations exist in the real world.

I was born in sunny Rio and brought up in the Brazilian countryside. After studying art and design, I went travelling and came across the MA in Children's Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art, from where I graduated in 2014.

Alongside my literary work, I also make contemporary pop paintings. I work from my studio in London, where I live with a ginger fellow and our ever growing family of cats.


Click here for my CV.

Go here to see my illustration portfolio.

Get in touch...

To talk picture books and all other literary enquiries, you may contact my agent Alice, at Alice Williams Literary.

To talk events and workshops please email me directly. Check out my Events page for more information.

For everything else such as licensing, commissions or meeting up for a cuppa, you can drop me a line at: mail[at]fabisantiago.co.uk. ☕︎

Where to buy my work:

Illustrations and signed books: Fabi's shop

Pop Surrealist paintings & prints: Fabi Santiago Art

Picture books: All UK bookshops, including online retailers - but I encourage you to pop into your local bookshop. ;)

Ten fun facts about me

  • Once I had a pet bat called Syrius. 
  • I went to law school for three years. I'm glad I dropped out, because creating stories and drawing pictures don't make a good lawyer.
  • My favourite sports are skiing, kayaking and cycling. 
  • I really like odd pets and used to have over 400 giant snails. I decided to take them back to nature when they started eating our books.
  • Once I cycled down a volcano in Hawaii. It was fun.
  • We have three cats, but I keep trying to convince my partner to adopt more.
  • My favourite food is padrón peppers. They're a Spanish side dish and I can have a whole bucket of them in one go.
  • I have a daughter. She's also a cat lover and an artist.
  • I love camping, if it weren't for my cats and all my art materials, I'd hapilly live in a tent.
  • My favourite ice-cream flavour is stracciatella. Yum!

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