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I run fun and interactive events for children and I'd love to visit your school, library or festival. My sessions are typically based on my picture books, with activities including storytelling, character design, games and hands-on workshops and crafts.

If you're interested in setting up a visit, please drop me an email.

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Events & School visits FAQ

Why is it a good idea?

An author/ illustrator visit is a great way to encourage reading for pleasure, boost writing confidence, inspire reluctant readers and spark creativity. It's also an opportunity for the children to meet their favourite authors and illustrators. ;)

What's a typical session like?

Literary festival and school sessions are 45-60 min long and can be anything from a small group workshop or a big assembly.  Here are some session options:

  • Story reading with fun props + crafts activity. (suitable for nursery and EY)
  • Story reading + draw along activity + character creation workshop. (suitable for KS1)
  • Story reading + character creation or story workshop (suitable for KS2)
  • Talk: How I make picture books (suitable for KS2 & up or big assemblies)
  • Workshops: character creation / creative writing / printmaking (suitable for small groups)

I'm very flexible and the formats above can be adapted to accommodate your needs. 

Let me know what your ideal author visit would look like!

Should there be books?

Yes, signed books are a thing to treasure, they inspire children and make reading exciting. And how cool is that to read a book with a special dedication for you? 

Book sales are an important part of authors and illustrators' income and allow them to continue creating more books. There should always be books available at an author/illustrator event! 

You can arrange the books through a bookseller of your preference. I can put my publicist in touch to help you with this.

How much will it cost?

To request a full quote, please email me. Fees vary according to number of sessions, preparation required, materials, travel expenses, etc. I have an author visit guide I can send you.

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