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Every Day is Caturday

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All the crazy-cat-people know it: Every day is Caturday.😻
And nothing says that better than ✻ this✻ one of a kind screen print edition. 

Each cat has been mono-printed individually directly onto the screen, so no two kitties are the same in this collection! There are blue cats, red ones, tuxedos, tabbies and torties. Their eye colours, patches and stripes are all different too.
That makes me want to keep each and every one of them, but I'm being nice and giving you a chance...

This is an original, hand-pulled screen print & mono-print from a variable edition of 50.
Printed on smooth 220g Daler Rowney paper and signed by the artist (me!).
Size: A4

✻ All my screen prints are made with love using water-based inks and acid-free quality papers. ✻

• Due to the handmade nature of screen printing, slight colour variation and imperfections may occur. That also means that each screen print is unique, and that's the magic of it.
• All sales are final.


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